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Meet Our Owner

Here at our automotive repair shop in Lee, Massachusetts, our owner understands that vehicle repair can be a trying process. For more than 40 years, Bob Denley has established a reputation for excellence in car repair and maintenance—working from the moment he opens the door every morning to locking it at closing time.

Bob Denley

Bob Denley is an ASE® (level one) certified mechanic, and was one of the first to receive this distinction in the state of Massachusetts. Bob Denley's Foreign Car Repair & Park Street Tire was also one of the first state-certified emission repair facilities.

Mr. Denley truly loves and enjoys working within the automotive industry and it shows because he is on the job everyday displaying his commitment, dedication, and artisanship. If he is not doing the work himself, he is overseeing every job. He values you, your friends, family, and honesty, but it is his experience and dedication that sets his automotive repair shop apart.

Mr. Denley's Community Support

Mr. Denley was appointed to the board of directors of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers MA/RI. As one of the original board members, he was the driving force behind the Right to Repair Legislation, which enables you, the consumer, to have the choice of where you would like your dealer-scheduled maintenance to be performed.
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